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TFS Renaming Tool

This application was created to be able to change the TFS project name. This process of creating this application was rather difficult because of the way Team Foundation Servers Databases are structured and of the amount of values required to be change for this to happen.

We opted to make a separate application utility for various reasons. One of the main reason is because this is an operation the TFS was not intended to do so there really is no method of integration or API’s to assist in a majority of the application. Another reason is due to the process required to accomplish the task and since part of the process requires a rebuild of the Warehouse and Analyses Database it really becomes something only an admin can do. Further to be able to make the changes you will need SA in the database.

Also Microsoft does not support direct access changes to the database without using the API.

Steps to renaming a project

Ensure all developers working on the project requiring a change have checked in all of their changes and suspend any further work until completed.

On the first time you use the utility you will need to add a server in the application. You will need to go on Menu, then Servers and then add. From there you add the TFS server name, the SQL Instance and what version of TFS you are using (2010 or 2012). This part of the process is manual because the TFS Team Project Picker API does not provide all the information required.

From there, to see all the projects in you server, select the server within the combo box on the top left side of the main form then press the “Check Server” Button. If the server info is correct you will presented with a list of collection and their projects.

At this point select the desired project by double clicking the project name or right click and select “change TFS Project Name”.

Then simply type in the new project name then press “Save”. There are restrictions to renaming the project name, these restriction are in the “help” Menu on the application. Also Avoid short Acronyms for project names.

After Renaming the Project: Important!

Each developer will need to change their local folder names to match the new project name.

The TFS admin will need to process the Warehouse and the Analyses database

Once processed your good to go, enjoy!.

Other Features to the application

• Change the description
• Report groups and users in projects
• View permissions
• Print reports


This utility has only been tested on a single server TFS system.



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